10 LGBTQIA+ sober Instagram accounts you should be following

10 LGBTQIA+ sober Instagram accounts you should be following

Pride month is here! Huge city-wide gatherings might not be happening this year, but we can still celebrate pride and support our LGBTQIA+ sober and sober curious sisters.

To add to the celebrations, we’ve put together a list of the LGBTQIA+ sober Instagram accounts you should be following. These brilliant accounts of LGBTQIA+ people who don’t drink are sure to inspire, educate or entertain you (or all three) on your sober or sober curious journey. Fingers crossed this list introduces you to some new folks whose story you can connect with. Be sure to hit the follow button!

LGBTQIA+ sober Instagram accounts:

1. Allie K. Campbell @alliekcampbell

Based in Jersey City, Allie K. Campbell (formerly known as Young, Dumb and Sober) shares videos, reels and memes about being LGBTQIA+ and sober. At the time of writing, she is celebrating being 4 years sober! Her recovery vlogs are also a fantastic watch.

2. Dani St James @danistjames

Dani is a model, change-maker and the co-founder of @notaphaseorg, a registered charity that supports trans adults across the UK. She made the decision to get sober at the end of 2019 and on January 1st 2021, she celebrated a year of sobriety and is now a committee member in a U.K.N.A. group, supporting newcomers on their journey to sobriety. Her account shares her life with the occasional sprinkling of sobriety.

3. Carolyn @recoveryfortherevolution

Carolyn’s account Recovery for the Revolution is, in their own words, a conduit for decolonlized sobriety, they help QTIBIPOC live fully, deeply, with all the ease. Expect to see musings, insights and calls-to-action on navigating recovery as a mixed-race Black, Indigenous, queer, neurodivergent sober person. Recovery for the Revolution also shares information on events, meetings and webinars they host and partake in. An account to follow for QTIBIPOC support and community, and to stay in the loop of events and meetings as they happen. Beyond Instagram, Carolyn also has a newsletter that shares their experience, pleasures, grief, musings, and more in recovery.

4. Robynne @roadtosober

Robynne shares their sobriety journey in a raw, relatable and honest way. She covers the ups and downs of recovery and life alcohol-free, we love their authentic approach to sobriety – and that she is not afraid to share the behind the scenes and the blips that can happen on the path to long term sobriety. A musician, she also hosts sober live lounge events for musicians in recovery.

5. Tawny Lara @tawnymlara

Tawny is a sober sex writer who shares so much good content on Instagram; from her favourite booze-free drinks, sober resources, very useful sober date ideas and personal insights into her own recovery such as How Sobriety Helped Me Embrace My Bisexuality. Super active in the sobriety space, Tawny also co-hosts the Recovery Rocks podcast and regularly shares new episodes as well as other events and webinars she is hosting on her Instagram page.

6. The Gay Sober @thegaysober

This awesome Instagram account run by Lee Mengo shares his journey as a gay man who decided to go alcohol-free. Insightful and motivational, The Gay Sober is a brilliant account to follow. In his own words “not a professional on stopping drinking but a professional ex drinker.”

7. Served Up Sober @servedupsober

Served Up Sober, run by mindset and recovery coach Shari Hampton, is a holistic healing and support space for women of colour who are sober and sober curious. Served Up Sober also co-hosts the Black & Queer Support Group with Sober Black Girls Club – a safe space for sober and sober curious queer folx of colour to discuss topics related to sobriety. You can find out more by heading to Instagram and following the link in their bio.

8. Queers Without Beers @qwb_uk

Queers Without Beers is a UK based social events group, who host events in London, Manchester and Bristol. It’s a partnership by @joinclubsoda, @lgbtfdn & local charities. A great account to follow for sober community LGBTQIA+ events.

9. Proud and Sober @proudandsober

Scott’s account is the one to follow for hilarious sobriety memes, inspiration and a whole load of sober positivity. Be sure to also check out proudandsober.com, a website full of stories from the sober LGBTQIA+ community.

10. Recovery Disco @recovery.disco

No need to panic at this disco! Valentine Darling’s @recovery.disco account shares their sobriety journey, alongside their life, and podcast appearances. They also post about podcast appearances as well as the podcast’s they produce and host, so it’s a great account to follow for informative, interesting conversations.

This list isn’t extensive and no doubt we will have missed some brilliant accounts, if you follow or run an LGBTQIA+ sober Instagram account you think we should add to the list please email the Sober Girl Society team and we’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Want to read more about being LGBTQIA+ and sober? Read Allie Campbell’s blog on The importance of representing queer sobriety

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