Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions! Still not covered it? Get in touch!

The community

  • How do I become a member?

We don’t operate a membership scheme as such, so we consider our members to be anyone who signs up to our mailing list or joins our community on Instagram.

  • How much is a membership?

Signing up is free! We want you to be able to enjoy our community without feeling tied into a monthly payment. Whether it’s our workshop replays or IRL events, you just pay for the things you want to experience and opt out of those you don’t.

We also offer a limited amount of free ‘no income’ spots for all of our virtual workshops and meet-ups as well as tiered pricing tickets for low, medium and high incomes.

  • I am sober curious – am I welcome to join?

Of course! We’re a community for anyone trying to cut down, quit or just take a break from drinking. Our ethos is about showing the world you can have fun without alcohol so all we ask is that you do not drink at or before our events and workshops.


  • What sort of events do you run?

Over the years we’ve run everything from boozeless brunches to our signature Sober Sweat dance classes. Our events are varied so keeping checking in!

  • Can I come to events on my own?

Of course! In fact, most people do. You definitely won’t be alone.

  • Where do you run events?

We run events all over the UK!

  • I want to run an event in my area – how can I do this?

We are always looking for amabassadors to hosts events in their area. Please get in touch on our contact us page.

  • What if I’m nervous to come?

We know stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary, but our team are always on hand to help ease any nerves. If you’re particularly worried, please reach out to the team before the event and we can talk you through everything!

The book

  • Where can I buy The Sober Girl Society Handbook?

The book is available at all good book stores but you can also grab it through Amazon!

Your drinking

  • I am really worried about my drinking, can you please give me advice?

Sober Girl Society is a community for sober and sober curious women but we are not a recovery programme or substitute for medical help. For some people, stopping drinking can actually be dangerous so you must speak to your doctor first.  

You can also make use of the resources and helplines HERE.