Helplines & support resources

Sober Girl Society is a community of sober and sober curious women but we are not a recovery programme or substitute for professional help.

If you are struggling with your drinking, you must speak to your GP, therapist or local alcohol service.


The NHS offers a lot of guidance if your drinking is beginning to feel a little out of control with a selection of useful contacts for alcohol problems.

Alcohol Change

Alcohol Change UK is the leading UK alcohol charity, formed from the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK. They are focused on future in which people drink as conscious choice, not a default.

Change Grow Live

Change Grow Live has grown from a tiny volunteer-led Sussex based organisation, to a nationwide charity that focuses on helping tens of thousands of people each day. Change Grow Live prides themselves on making sure you are supported and treated as an individual, respecting your choices and finding the right treatment and care options.


The National Association for Children of Alcoholics is a charity providing information and support for everyone affected by their parent's drinking through a free, confidential telephone and email helpline

Helpline: 08003583456 or

Drink Line

Drink line is a free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking, or someone else's.

Helpline: 03001231110 (weekdays 9am–8pm, weekends 11am–4pm)


Mind have multiple useful contact with addiction with guidance of where to go depending on what you are struggling with.


Adfam is a national charity tackling the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on family members and friends. They improve life for thousands of people by empowering families and friends to get the support they need.