About us

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Sober Girl Society was founded in September 2018 with one simple purpose – to show the world that you can still live a fun and fulfilled life without alcohol. 

Sober Girl Society is now the largest community for sober and sober curious women around the planet, providing tips, resources and events for anyone who wants to drink less or give up entirely. 

Connecting sober girls globally

As well as running IRL events up and down the UK (from bottomless boozeless brunches to sober sweat dance classes), we host a virtual club every Saturday and work to connect girls globally via our Instagram-based community.  

About the founder

After years of partying and hangovers started taking a toll on her mental health, Millie Gooch gave up alcohol in February 2018, starting Sober Girl Society 7 months later. 

Having worked at Hearst Magazines for 5 years as a lifestyle journalist, Millie now writes about sobriety for various publications and her activism work around sobriety has been featured in Red, Stylist, The Telegraph, Refinery29, Elle, Cosmopolitan, UniLad, Bustle, Delish and many more! 

You can read some of her work HERE.

Millie has appeared on various panels from Live Well London and Cheltenham Science Festival to Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival. She's also made numerous podcasts appearances including Open Mind with Frankie Bridge, Saturn Returns with Caggie Dunlop and Good Influence with Gemma Styles. 

You can listen to her podcast interviews HERE.

In 2021, Millie Gooch published her first book The Sober Girl Society Handbook immediately topping the Amazon bestseller charts.

Millie regularly works with brands both in and out of the non-alcoholic market such as Sainsbury’s, Anthropologie, Brewdog and Adidas. She has also presented at well known universities and organisations to promote a healthier drinking culture in the workplace and amongst students. 

Millie is a proud charity ambassador for Alcohol Change UK

The tipsy jar

We are a small business, trying to change the way the world thinks about drinking but we can’t do it alone!

About 95% of what we produce is free to access and we’d love to keep it that way - but we really need financial support. 

If our content has helped you in your sober journey, made you smile or you just like what we do then please consider making a donation.