Sober and stylish: How saving helped my sobriety

Sober and stylish: How saving helped my sobriety

Hey, fabulous Sober Girl Society! Can we talk about the magic that is the "cosy season" right now? I've been low-key counting down the days all year just to slip into those cozy chunky knits, embrace all things pumpkin-spiced (no shame in my basic game), and dive headfirst into epic board game sessions. But there's an extra layer of specialness to autumn for me—it marks my 7th soberversary.

When I made the radical decision to transform into a non-drinking diva, I went all in on a massive life audit. I needed to dissect what truly tickled my fancy, what needed a makeover, and the transformative changes I was ready to make.

And believe me, that introspection didn't stop at just soul-searching. I dove headfirst into my finances, meticulously crunching the numbers on my spending over my last ever year of drinking. Seeing it all laid out in black and white felt like a surreal but shockingly spot-on reflection of my sense of self and the state of my mind during those times.

I noticed I was making it rain the most when I was out with my crew. I'd be buying rounds for everyone, even folks I barely knew. Call it a manifestation of my self-esteem issues and a longing for universal acceptance, but I had this irresistible urge to win everyone's approval, to be liked by the whole world. Instead of investing in activities that would truly feed my soul—like hitting the gym, pouring my heart into journaling, or finding my zen through meditation—I found solace in the world of partying.

And here's the jaw-dropper... my drinking habit mirrored my shopping addiction. Both were my go-to pick-me-ups, my way of saying "self, you've got this" in the face of stress, boredom, and the whirlwind confusion of your mid-20s. But guess what? I wasn't even self-aware enough to realise that this pattern had been lurking in the shadows for way longer than I'd like to admit.

So, what's a girl got to do to align with her mindful side? Well, I hatched a plan to put all that money I'd been throwing away to good use. I lovingly dubbed it "The Aesthetic Fund." Every summer and autumn, I'd take those funds and invest in outfit pieces that made my heart sing. Pieces that I knew would forever hold a coveted spot in my wardrobe.

Now, we all know that money doesn't buy happiness, but the act of saving up to treat myself became a powerful tool. It's not just about staying sober; it's about nurturing the art of saving and mastering the dance of money management.

And now, as the seasons change, I can't help but get excited. I'm a proud Capricorn, after all. Plus, A/W (as I type this, Paris Fashion Week is just around the corner!) is my fashion season of dreams. What adds an extra sprinkle of sparkle to my journey is the growing tribe of models and fashion icons celebrating their sobriety and looking absolutely fierce while doing it. Icons like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Tyra Banks. They're like our fierce sobriety role models, aren't they?

My journey through sobriety has not only transformed my life but also unlocked my true passions—like fashion and mastering the art of financial responsibility. It's a journey I'm embracing with style, celebrating each day of this 7-year sober slay.

Written by Yasmin Spark

Yasmin is an Ambassador for Alcohol Change UK and also the Founder of Align Events a non-alc cocktail mobile bar company. Book her or find out more @align_events_

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