Sober meetups: A guide to hosting your own alcohol-free events

Sober meetups: A guide to hosting your own alcohol-free events

We wish we could bring our sober meetups across the globe but until that day comes, if you’re curious about hosting your own alcohol-free event – let us give you our best tips!

Setting the scene

First things first, let's talk ambiance. Create a vibe that's cozy and chilled. Fairy lights, plenty of chairs and a killer playlist are non-negotiables. People might be nervous attending alone so you want to make sure their first impression makes them feel comfortable.

Get the drinks in

Try emailing some non-alcoholic brands, they might send you some freebies or even a discount code. If not, set up a DIY mocktail station with a variety of fancy AF non-alcoholic options. Think cucumber mint coolers, fruity fizzes, and maybe even a spicy ginger lemonade. Pro tip: Fancy glassware makes all the difference.

Inclusive activities

Keep the good vibes flowing with inclusive activities that cater to everyone. Get creative and make sure everyone feels involved and entertained. Bonus points for activities that spark meaningful conversations – connection is key.

Mindful moments

Inject some mindful moments into your sober meet-up. Consider starting (or even ending) with a group meditation or a sober circle. It's all about fostering a sense of well-being and making sure your guests leave feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.

Open conversations

One of the best parts of sober meetups is the chance to have real, authentic conversations. Break down the barriers and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their journey. Whether it's tips for staying sober or just life in general, open conversations are what make these meetups so special.

Spread the love

Don't forget to capture the magic! Snap some pics throughout the night and encourage your guests to share their favourite moments on social media. Your sober meet-up could be the inspo someone needs to embrace the alcohol-free lifestyle.

Parting gifts

Send your guests home with a little something to remember the night. It could be a cute bookmark, a personalized affirmation card, or even a mini succulent. A thoughtful parting gift ensures they leave with a smile and a positive memory.

Want to join in the fun but can’t make one of our meetups? Did you know we host a virtual club? You can check out the details here!

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