All of the babes, all of the fun, none of the alcohol!

Whether you’re looking to make sober friends or just do something fun that isn’t based around drinking, we’d love for you to join us at one of our events. 

Everyone is welcome, even if you’re not sober! All we ask is that you don’t drink during the event to experience the fun you can have without booze. 

Most people come to our events and meet-ups alone so don’t be scared. You’re also welcome to bring friends, family members, dogs (venue permitting) and anything else that will make you feel more comfortable. 

Virtual clubs

Every Saturday, we host a virtual breakfast meet-up for sober and sober curious women. The club is a safe space to come and chat about all things alcohol-free with like-minded women. You can jump on and chat or simply log in and listen. 

Led by Laurie McAllister, sober coach and founder of Girl & Tonic, and alcohol-free coach Katie Scrafton, our virtual clubs encourages you to embrace hangover-free mornings and share any worries or concerns you may have.

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