Alcohol-free red wine: The best non-alcoholic reds to choose from

Alcohol-free red wine: The best non-alcoholic reds to choose from

Looking for a tasty alternative to red wine? Whether you’ve said goodbye to booze for good or are sober curious and trying alcohol-free alternatives, these non-alcoholic red wine options rival the real thing! We asked the Sober Girl Society community for their pick of the best alcohol-free red wines and these bottles came highly recommended. 

For ease, we’ve split our recommendations into online ordering and supermarket favourites. Whether you are internet shopping or looking to add a bottle of non-alcoholic red to your weekly shop, we’ve got you covered!

A gentle reminder, if drinks that imitate alcohol are triggering for you – or you think they could be – it’s best to avoid them. There are lots of great sodas, cordials, tonics and sparkling waters to choose from instead.

Please note: Items included in this blog post have been hand-picked and curated by our editorial team. We may earn commission if you purchase something through the links provided.

Alcohol-free red wine – order online, our top picks:

1. Darling Cellars Alcohol-free Shiraz Red Wine

Known as one of the best alcohol-free red wines on the market, Darling Cellars deep ruby red colour and hints of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petals and candied cherries make it a close companion of the real thing – but it’s alcohol-free! The flavour is harnessed from grapes in South Africa, benefitting from the sunny climes and Atlantic breeze. One to sip in front of a roaring fire on a cosy winter night, or serve alongside a helping of slow cooked meat. 


2. Senorio de la Tautila Tempranillo Red

Hailing from Spain, we love the deep flavour from each mouthful, a tantalising blend of plums, berries with a hint of woodiness. Serve this at room temperature to get the optimum flavour, this rich non-alcoholic red holds it own served with red meat dishes. Pour it into a generous glass to appreciate the rich, cherry shade the drink has to offer. 


3. Wednesday’s Domaine Sanguine Red Wine

Made in the UK with grapes from Spain, this is one for the SGS babes who want a stronger flavour from their non-alcoholic red. Each sip features hints of blackcurrants and plums for a rich red that’ll warm you up on chilly winter nights. Forget Wednesday’s, we’ll be bringing this one out for mates any day of the week… 


4. McGuigan Zero Shiraz

McGuigan’s Zero Shiraz lets you enjoy the flavours of red wine without the alcohol (and the hangover!). This non-alcoholic red wine offers the flavours of a typical shiraz, only it’s without the booze. Its subtle spice and vanilla notes are complemented by plum and forest berry aromas; think of it as a dessert in a glass. We particularly love that it’s also available in single-serve bottles, perfect for taking to the park!


5. De Bortoli The Very Cautious Shiraz

First things first, we love the name! The Very Cautious Shiraz ticks lots of our alcohol-free red wine boxes, great looking bottle and great taste! Not a jot of alcohol goes into this super sleek bottle, though with its rich, ripe berry fruit flavour and notes of sweet vanillion oak, you won’t miss it a bit. Made with Australian Grapes, if you’re looking for a low-calorie option, this is a great find, at just 18 kcals per 100ml. 


6. Thomson & Scott Noughty Syrah

Now this is an alcohol-free red wine worthy of a place at a dinner party.  This is high up there on the sophisticated barometer, thanks to the impressive list of complex ingredients – you’ve got crushed red pepper, dried rose petal and even candied cherries amongst the red fruit flavour.  Serve it alongside your roast beef and wait for the compliments to roll in. 


7. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol-free Red Wine

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the most recommended alcohol-free reds when we asked our community. An alcohol-free red wine born in California’s famous Napa Valley, now ready to be poured into your glass. This AF red wine has aromas of blackcurrants, cherry, blueberries and even chocolate – with a tasty dry finish. As you’ll probably tell, it’s a deep flavour so can handle being paired with rich foods – think cheese, chilli, steak or even pizza! 


8. Adnams Cabernet / Tempranillo Alcohol-free Red Wine

We love the bright, eye-catching label! From the warm vineyards of Spain, this low alcohol red wine (0.5% to be precise) is full of ripe, red berry fruit flavours with a hint of spice. Made from a blend of sun-ripened Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, a clever ‘spinning cone’ technology is used to gently remove the alcohol to its 0.5% level, yet keeping all that lovely, rich flavour. It’s the ideal non-alcoholic red wine to enjoy with tomato-based meals (any excuse for a generous helping of lasagne!).


9. FRE Red Blend Alcohol Removed Wine

One for the US babes! FRE Red Blend comes highly recommended from the awesome SGS community. Made with Californian grapes, this is one for those who want their alcoholic-free reds deeper than fruity, thanks to its slightly spicy aftertaste. It’s also a good option to try if you want to make a AF mulled wine on a cold winters night. 


Take your pick of these alcohol-free white wines and let us know which one is your favourite! Want more alcohol-free alternatives? Take a look at our guide to the best non-alcoholic white winesbest alcohol-free Proseccos, our favourite alcohol-free Aperol Spritz’s and check out our founder Millie’s Amazon choices HERE.

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