The best alcohol-free alternatives to Prosecco

The best alcohol-free alternatives to Prosecco

Whether you’re a retired Prosecco princess or just want a night off from the fizz, these alcohol-free Prosecco alternatives are just as delicious as the real thing! And, once you’ve found your favourite AF Prosecco, take a look at our pick of the best alcohol-free Aperol Spritzs.

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Alcohol-free prosecco – our favourites:

1. Thomson & Scott Noughty Organic Sparkling Chardonnay

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free alternative to Prosecco, this sparkling Chardonnay offers a celebratory drink without the booze. Pop the cork and pour a glass of crisp bubbly that has a distinctive fresh apple flavour. Made in UK vineyards, the level of sugar per glass is half the typical sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling wines, but retains some serious fizz factor. Granted, it’s a little more expensive than some of the other options here but we think it’s well worth it if you can stretch!


2. ISH Spirits – Chateau del ISH Sparkling White

Want your alcohol-free wine to be more on the sharp, acidic side? Pop this option from ISH Spirits in your virtual basket. Made in Denmark with a blend of Pinot Blanc and Silvaner grapes, the alcohol is removed after the fermentation process, keeping all of the taste and none of the booze. The resulting flavour is light, fresh and with a sharp aftertaste featuring citrus, green apple, peach and pear. Better still, fans of this tipple can also buy it in individual cans. We’ll say cheers to that!  


3. Sainsbury’s alcohol-free sparkling wine

At £3 a bottle, there really isn’t anything to dislike about this fuss-free non-alcoholic fizz. ⁣Cheap, cheerful and we love the fancy packaging! The sweet taste and tangy apple aftertaste make this one a real crowd pleaser. One to stock up on for your next house party. 


4. ALT Sparkling Chardonnay

A screw top bottle means that while there’s no ‘pop’ normally associated with fizz, we love the dinky size – great for those evenings when you fancy just one glass. Made with 100% Chardonnay grapes from southern Spain, it’s got the classic crisp flavour with a citrus and floral aftertaste – talk about fancy! 


5. Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Prosecco

If you like your AF tipples with plenty of bubbles and with a citrus tang, you’ve come to the right place. This sleek and stylish brand makes its AF alternative from the same Glera grape as its award-winning Prosecco and trust us, it’s a very close match. Who said you needed booze to enjoy a drink?!


6. Oddbird Blanc de Blanc

Back with a flashy new makeover, this Swedish brand has already made huge waves in Scandinavia thanks to the company’s social enterprising background (the founder is a former social worker), those with a palette for the fancier drinks in life will love the complex mix of pear, grapefruit sorbet and apple (Granny Smith, no less). The brand even roped in one of the world’s leading Champagne experts to help create it! 


7. La Gioiosa Italian Sparkling

From the land where Prosecco was born and bred, we fully expected this non-alcoholic alternative to be impressive and it doesn’t disappoint. A straw yellow shade of bubbly that has a tantalising mix of exotic fruit salad and wisteria flowers that you’d normally find in the OG, but the booze has been painstakingly removed in the production process. Expect plenty of flavour without the alcohol – just as we like it! 


8. Belle & Co Alcohol Free Sparkling

How’s this for a drink with a difference – Belle & Co’s alcohol-free sparkling wine combines fermented grape juice (to mimic that recognisable wine taste) with green tea, which makes for an earthy alternative to classic fizz. The folk at Belle & Co say it makes a great mocktail ingredient – one worth experimenting with! 


9. McGuigan Zero Sparkling

Hailing from Australia, McGuigan Wines has over 100 years of wine making experience poured into their bottles, so we had high expectations for this drink! If you’re looking for something refreshing, clean and crisp, the apple and pear flavour makes this a decent all-rounder for bubbly fans looking for an alcohol-free fizz. 


10. Wildlife Botanicals


There’s no guessing what ingredients feature heavily in this fizz, so if you like your sparkling drink to have a floral hit, you’ve come to the right place. Known as the ‘bubbly with benefits’, this AF option also boasts vitamins and minerals in its ingredients list. Not too shabby, hey? Choose from blush, or nude in large or small bottles. 

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