Christmas gift guide for the sober babes in your life

Christmas gift guide for the sober babes in your life

Whether you're fully embracing the sober life or just exploring the sober curious side, if you're in need of some additions to your Christmas list or looking for the perfect gift for a sober babe in your girl gang or family, we've got a selection of dreamy goodies to consider. Check them out and treat yourself or someone special this festive season!

SGS pins, keyrings, magnets and patches


Add cute little touch to your Christmas day with our signature sober pins to our SGS key rings, you can celebrate your sobriety and help support us and the work we do by shopping from our store.


The Sober Girl Society Handbook 

Whether you’re simply sober-curious or determined to make a more permanent change, The Sober Girl Society Handbook shows not only why you should but also how you can, in a way that will change your life forever!


Myth miniature gift box

A cute mini Myth gift set for the sober girls who deserve just a little extra in their gift bag. Myth Miniatures Gift Box – contains 5cl Myth Coconut White Cane and 5cl Myth Dark Spiced Cane.


Sober Girl Society X Printed Weird collection

Decorate your homes this Crimbo with our signature SGS slogans on Printed Weird's trademark funky mirrors. Make your sober gals space a true sober girl haven or add it to your Christmas list.


Everleaf 5cl Duo 7 Tonic Alcohol Free Gift Pack (0.0% ABV)


Introducing the perfect gift for the spirit lover in your life - the Everleaf Alcohol Free Spirit Gift Pack. This pack contains Everleaf Mountain Pink Gin, Everleaf Forest Bittersweet Spirit, and two Skinny Double Dutch Tonic, giving you all the flavour of an alcoholic cocktail without any of the guilt.


Lucky Saint glass and bar blade set

For all your booze free beer lovers! Lucky Saint bundled together their two home bar essentials; a Lucky Saint Bar Blade and The Lucky Glass.


The Sober Girl Society-Beginners guide to no & low 


The perfect digital gift for a sober or sober curious babe keen to learn all about the sober world. A 42-page introduction to the world of no and low drinks with alcohol-free cocktail recommendations. 


Kylie Minogue No Alcohol Sparkling Rosé


Clink your glasses on Christmas day with Kylie 0% sparkling rosé. A refreshing, sparkling and finely balanced non-alcoholic drink with notes of fresh strawberries and a complex, dry finish are words from kylie herself.


Lyres Love Bird Set

Mr and Mrs booze-free gift must haves ! Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit - Pack Contains: Lyre's Pink London Spirit + Lyre's Dry London Spirit.


Sober Girl Society digital prints

Our digital prints are the perfect gift for your sober or sober-curious gal who deserves that extra bit of love and appreciation! Whether it's a self-love reminder or a motivational boost, these prints are sure to brighten her space. 


Take your pick of these sober girl crimbo goodies and let us know which one is your favourite! Want more sober festive tips and tricks alternatives? Take a look at our other festive blogs! Festive consumerism – it’s getting me pissed!, Doing your first Christmas sober? Here’s how to enjoy it, our All time favourite adult soft drinks 


In light of the season of giving If our content has helped you in your sober journey, made you smile or you just like what we do then please consider making a donation to support our small business, trying to change the way the world thinks about drinking but we can’t do it alone! About 95% of what we produce is free to access and we’d love to keep it that way.


Written By Molly Barton
Molly is the events and community assistant at Sober Girl Society. Molly is a 21 sober gal and has been for over a year. Follow Molly via Instagram: @mollybarton2

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