Alcohol-free vodka alternatives: the best non-alcoholic vodkas to try

Alcohol-free vodka alternatives: the best non-alcoholic vodkas to try

Espresso Martinis, Bloody Marys, mocktails or just a classic tonic, there’s plenty options when it comes to pairing your AF vodka. These are brilliant booze free spirits if you’re looking for an alternative to soft drinks, or if gin isn’t your thing. We love how versatile AF vodka is, and this selection tastes so authentic, you won’t miss the real thing!

Our choices also pair brilliantly with many of our favourite mixers

As with all our round ups, if you find the taste of drinks that mimic alcohol triggering, it’s best to avoid- there’s plenty of delicious soft drinks to choose from. 

Here’s our list of our favourite non-alcoholic vodka drinks. 

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1. Strykk Not Vodka

Strykk makes exclusively non-alcoholic spirits and has poured (ahem!) its expertise into making drinks that have all the taste and body, just without the booze – oh and there’s no sugar, gluten or artificial ingredients, either.  Their original ‘not’ vodka has a pure flavour, with cucumber, apple, coriander and pepper combining to give you that burn that hits you at the back of the throat. Only, this time, there’s no follow on hangover. Result! 


2. Strykk Not Vanilla Vodka 

Need your AF spirit on the sweeter side? Strykk’s vanilla flavour does just that, getting its warm, sugary taste from Madagascan vanilla beans. You’d expect the sugar content to be sky high but like its original buddy, there’s no sugar here either. In fact, the ingredients list is minimal– there’s no gluten or animal products in this bottle. It makes a fine starring role in a booze free espresso martini. Your gluten-free and vegan mates will thank you! 


3. CleanCo V Spiced Apple Non-Alcoholic Vodka Alternative 

Are you longing for that warm sensation when you take a sip? This hits the spot! 

This was a labour of love from Spencer Mattthews brand, who admit that vodka is a tricky drink to recreate without alcohol. Their result, using apple and cinnamon, was worth that wait and is a very inclusive product, being vegan, lactose free, gluten free and sugar free – oh and hangover free, of course. Phew!   


4. USKO Vodka Alternative 

If you’re looking for a classic that makes a good base for mocktails and Bloody Marys, you’ve come to the right place. Made with highland spring water, it’s based on single grain vodka, so you get the same taste you’d expect from this spirit, but with no trace of alcohol. Gluten-free, vegan, plus low in sugar and calories, we love its versatility when paired with other drinks. This will fast become a staple in your booze free collection. 


5. Three Spirit Livener 

Big on botanicals, this is nearing the gin end of the spirit spectrum, and as the name suggests, this has quite the kick. Watermelon and guava add a juicy, tropical twist on the spicy, zesty ginger and apple cider vinegar. Gluten-free and vegan, due to its natural caffeine content we’d suggest it makes a great aperitif at the beginning of the night! Pour it with tonic or soda water and let the impressive flavours do all the talking. 


6. Seedlip Spice 94 

Seedlip has long been a favourite in the SGS community, and we love the gentle heat that number 94 offers. The spicier of the trio, the allspice berries and cardamom pod has a deliciously earthy flavour balanced out by a splash of citrus. Calorie and sugar free, plus suitable for vegans, it’s the ultimate base AF spirit for your mocktails. Bring on the party and bring on the hangover free morning after… 


Take your pick of these alcohol-free vodka alternatives and let us know which one is your favourite! Want more alcohol-free alternatives? Take a look at our guide to the best non-alcoholic lagersbest non-alcoholic mixers ,best alcohol-free rums, our favourite alcohol-free Aperol Spritz’s and check out our founder Millie’s Amazon choices HERE.

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