The top non-alcoholic rums to try

The top non-alcoholic rums to try

Craving the taste of rum without the alcohol? You’re spoilt for choice! Far from boring, these rums have been made in a series of distillation processes that mean the flavour is as close to the sweet spirit as possible, but without the alcohol included.  Then it’s up to you how you serve it , whether that’s with ginger ale, Coke, in a mojito or simply over some ice! 

From light to dark and spiced, there’s a non-alcoholic rum to suit you. We’ve selected ten firm favourites that are guaranteed to bag a spot at your next summer party. 

Of course, if you find drinks that resemble alcohol triggering, feel free to avoid. There are plenty of awesome soft drinks and cordials out there that taste delicious. Read on to find out about the top ten non-alcoholic rums! 

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1. Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit

Can we describe this one as full-bodied? Well, we’re going to. This non-alcoholic rum has a brilliant balance between the soft, creamy vanilla and spice, enhanced with molasses, caramel and a nutty tone. A worthy option to warm you up on a chilly night, no booze required. 


2. Caleño Dark & Spicy

The contents of this beautiful bottle aren’t just AF – it’s sugar and gluten-free too, and bonus for vegan SGS babes, this one ticks the vegan-friendly box. A tribute to its Colombian roots, one sip of this pineapple, coconut, ginger, vanilla, nut and lime will transport you to much more tropical climes than your living room. A must for summer parties. 


3. Fluère Spiced Cane 

If you find typical rum drinks a bit on the sweet side, then we reckon you’ll love the complex flavours from Fluere’s  vegan and gluten-free AF version. It’s got the sugar can and spice you’d expect from an alcoholic-free rum but with notes of chocolate, coffee and tonka bean to boot. It makes a mean Old Fashioned (booze free, naturally…). 


4. Sober Spirits Rum 

We’re in love with the sophisticated packaging from the French brand, and the contents inside it are a whopping two years in the making. Sober Spirits say they’re the first brand in the world to make drinks from real spirits, so you can expect an authentic flavour – caramelised dried fruit, woody oaks and vanilla – without any hangover involved. 


5. ISH Spirits RumISH 

For such a sweet beverage, RUMish is sugar free (and a tick for those looking for a gluten-free, vegan-friendly option too). This is an absolute classic, with not just any old vanilla, but Madagascan vanilla mixed with caramel, nutmeg and baked apple. Think of it as a dessert in a glass! The added shells from the chilli seeds give this a little heat that enhances the flavours even more. Pour a generous glug of Coke on top and sip away! 


6. Strykk Not Rum 

This AF rum has taken out all the unnecessary stuff – booze, sugar, artificial colours, animal products – and left all the delicious flavour in. Serve your sober vegan mates a seriously  good mojito that cuts through the sweetness with clove, oakwood and grapefruit for a sharp, earthy mocktail with a difference. 


7. CleanCo Clean R Rum 

Sugar free? Tick. Gluten free? Tick? Vegan? We’ve hit the hat trick. This brings the Caribbean to our mocktail cabinet with this mouthwatering Jamaican AF rum. This one gets its heat from cayenne pepper and together with a splash of ginger ale, is a match made in alcohol-free heaven. It’s not just us who think so, for this drink got the bronze award at the International Wines and Spirits Competition in 2021. A round of applause please! 


8. Anon Spiced Cane

The classic mix of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla is guaranteed to warm your cockles – and we’re not talking about that tell-tale booze coat, either. We love the slightly sharp tang that the added lemon notes brings to this gluten-free, vegan drink, and it just needs a glug of Coke to make the perfect AF beverage. 


9. Myth White Cane Coconut 

Calling all Malibu and Coke fans, this is the alcohol-free rum for you! White cane makes this a lighter flavour, and as the name suggests, it’s big on the coconuts. We suggest you go big on the mocktail glass decorations – paper umbrella, glace cherry, the lot – to do this booze-free beverage justice. 


10. Lyre’s White Cane Spirit 

Those wanting a sweet, even slightly citrus twist to their AF rum will find it bottled here, one of three Lyre’s rum offerings. The rich, candied flavour is thanks to the marzipan and coconut but the fresh orange cuts through. It has a delicate peppery finish that has serious grown up vibes to it. A brilliant base for sophisticated mocktails! 


Take your pick of these alcohol-free rums and let us know which one is your favourite! Want more alcohol-free alternatives? Take a look at our guide to the best non-alcoholic white winesbest non-alcoholic red wines,best alcohol-free Proseccos, our favourite alcohol-free Aperol Spritz’s and check out our founder Millie’s Amazon choices HERE.

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