Top ten non-alcoholic gins

Top ten non-alcoholic gins

Alcohol-free gins have burst onto the scene and in the last few years, us sober babes have been spoilt for choice as to what we pair with our tonic water! 

If you want a classic botanical flavour, there’s plenty to choose from, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can find a whole host of options from pink to citrus and even tropical formulations. Just because they’re booze free, doesn’t mean they substitute the delicious flavour. Better yet, every gin listed here is vegan friendly, and many of them are sugar-free too. 

Whether it’s a mocktail or a G&T, we’ve rounded up our favourite 10 non-alcoholic gins to try. As with all drinks, if you find ones that imitate alcohol triggering, it’s best to avoid them. There’s plenty of delicious soft drinks to enjoy instead without the worry. 

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1. Sipsmith London FreeGlider Alcohol-Free Spirit 

With less than 0.5% vol, this non-alcoholic gin alternative is one to impress your sober mates with (especially if they’re vegan or follow a gluten-free diet, as this caters for both!). There’s no cutting corners here; just because this gin is alcohol-free and low in sugar, doesn’t mean it lacks in sophisticated packaging (check out the wax seal on the lid!) or ingredients. For those who like their spirits with a zesty twist, expect a rich juniper scent followed by a citrus finish. 


2. Fluère Raspberry Spirit

An attractive bottle, this non-alcoholic gin is one for those who like their drinks on the sweeter side (you can be assured that it’s a low sugar option, though). Made using fresh, distilled raspberries, the sharp flavour is enhanced with coriander seed, lavender and lime peel. The ultimate escapism beverage if you’re longing for a booze-free tipple on a hot summer’s day. One to impress your vegan mates with. 


3. Mahala Botanical Spirit

The bargain of the bunch and landing all the way from South Africa, ‘Mahala’ means ‘free’ in Zulu – that’s free from booze, see what they did there? Alcohol is the only thing lacking in this triple distilled spirit, which features a whopping nine botanicals infused under vacuum for an intense flavour. If you want your AF spirits pure, you’ve got it – this botanical is also free from colourants, gluten, animal products, sugar and artificial flavours. Phew! 


4. CleanCo Clean G Rhubarb Gin 

If the International Wines and Spirits competition gave this a gold award back in 2021, then we’re sure it’s worthy clicking ‘add to basket’. The makers describe it as their ‘hangover-free hero’ and we can see why; that classic, sharp rhubarb flavour is balanced out by notes of berries, mint and coriander. With the fruit notes you’d fully expect this to have a hefty sugar content but there’s not a grain of the sweet stuff in here. Works just as well with tonic water as it does lemonade for a sweeter kick.  


5. Gordon’s 0.0% Gin 

What’s the difference between this and the original Gordon’s gin? Just the booze – be rest assured that all the flavour you’d expect is still there! Vegan friendly, plus gluten and sugar free, junipers feature heavily in this distilled botanical, and if you’re looking for a classic G&T base without the alcohol, you’ve got it here. Trust us,  you won’t miss the original if you switch. 


6. Lyre’s Pink London Spirit 

We got serious romantic vibes sipping this delicious drink! Lyre’s are serious experts in the AF game, and their gin imitation is no different. It gets its pink identity from notes of rose, red berry and cherry to name but a few, resulting in a sweet, rich flavour that’s a hit with tonic. One to keep on standby for your vegan mates, this formula is also gluten free. 


7. Caleno Light & Zesty Tropical Spirit 

Now this is something to get us SGS babes into the holiday spirit! A tropical twist to your traditional AF gin, the pineapple, lemon and papaya rich flavours pay homage to its Colombian roots. A sugar-free ingredients list, it ticks the criteria for vegans and gluten-free diets, too. Grab your bikini and a lilo, this is one to reserve for your summer mocktails. Now where’s our paper umbrella…?


8. EverLeaf Drinks Marine Spirit 

Another award winner, this offering from Everleaf is inspired by the sea, seen both in its packaging and its botanicals. Vegan friendly and gluten-free, if you want your alcohol-free gin to be on the crisp and refreshing side, this has it in abundance with sea buckthorn, kelp and bergamot the main notes. Pour a classic tonic water over the top and let this sophisticated booze-free spirit do the talking.  


9. Tanqueray 0.0 Gin 

Both alcohol and sugar free, Tanqueray’s AF offering puts it on a par with its other gins in terms of flavour, and if you like your no booze spirits with a citrus twist, it’s worth adding this to your virtual basket. A staple to have in your mocktail cabinet! 


10. Crossip Fresh Citrus Gin 

This vegan friendly and gluten-free drink is bold both in packaging and flavour, with rich citrus notes from start to finish, from the bitter tang to the fresh, vibrant orange, lemon and grapefruit zest. Those who like their drinks with a little bit of fire to them can find it right in this bottle thanks to the ginger kick. Add it to make a mocktail to remember, or let it be the star of the show in a classic AF G&T. 


Take your pick of these alcohol-free gins and let us know which one is your favourite! Want more alcohol-free alternatives? Take a look at our guide to the best non-alcoholic white winesbest non-alcoholic red wines,best alcohol-free rums, our favourite alcohol-free Aperol Spritz’s and check out our founder Millie’s Amazon choices HERE.

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